• Voltage Stabilisation & Optimisation

    Posted : Wednesday, September 11 th, 2013 · Comments : 0
    EnergyAce technology incorporates Voltage Stabilisation in all units up to 350A and Automatic seamless bypass across the range up to 1400A to ensure safe optimised voltage levels at all times. The main incoming voltage to a facility can typically fluctuate ±10% due to a number of factors beyond the users control, mainly due to local
  • Industry called to Building Regs Select Committee

    Posted : Monday, April 09 th, 2012 · Comments : 0
    NICEIC promote Part P in Government   NICEIC Chief Executive Officer Emma Clancy was among a panel of leading electrical contracting industry figures called in front of the Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG) Select Committee to discuss the case for retaining electrical safety as part of the building regulations. The government is currently